Bolivia Mission Outreach

In June of 1995, while attending the Summer Conference sponsored by SEJANAM, an appeal was made for four (4) individuals to participate in a mission trip to Bolivia, South America. This was the beginning of an extraordinary outreach effort by SEJANAM and many members of Prospect UMC.

In 1995, former pastor Rev. Robert L. Mangum, present Visitation Chaplain Rev. Carolyn Cummings-Woriax, and Wade Hunt, and a few church members made up part of the initial mission team to Montero, Bolivia. July 24th-August 2nd will be the 18th year that members of Prospect UMC have made the mission trip to Bolivia.

The SEJANAM work-teams are involved in several major projects in the Guarani community. Some of these projects include Guarani home construction, Medical Clinic construction, and the girls’ orphanage. Additionally, the “Bob Mangum Bolivia Endowment” has been established which provides scholarships and cultural enrichment opportunities for students who attend the school in Montero, Bolivia. The endowment also provides funds for advanced educational opportunities for pastors of the Santa Cruz Methodist District and funds for training for medical personnel working with the CSRA.

Prospect UMC helped fund and assist in the construction of 41 homes in the Guarani village where deaths averaged more than one person per week prior to the building of a source of clean water and the construction of the homes. Sunday school classes, individuals, and other entities funded 27 of the homes. Furthermore, the Prospect United Methodist Men helps to provide financial support for a girls’ orphanage (Hogar Sagrado Corazon) in Montero. Approximately $75,000 has been raised to provide food, clothing, medical and other needs associated with the girls’ who are housed in the orphanage. This support continues at this time and any donations are welcome.

Finally, we have been heavily involved in the construction of medical clinics in Montero, Bolivia. The main clinic, Cruz Roja (Red Cross), was started by our group. We dug the foundation for this structure which is now three stories tall.

Each trip to Bolivia is costly, roughly $1900 a person, but we encourage many to participate in this wonderful activity. We are beyond blessed and we try to share our blessings with those who are less fortunate. To participate in this wondrous mission, to make donations, or for more information, please contact Mr. Wade Hunt at (910)-521-4569.


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