Church Staff

Rev. Dr. Sam Wynn


Pembroke Elementary School
Pembroke Senior High School
Pembroke State University, 1973-1976 - B.A.
Asbury Theological Seminary, 1976-1979 - Master of Divinity
Drew Theological Seminary, Oct. 25, 1991 - Doctor of Ministry, DISSERTATION: A Biblical, Western European and Native American Study of Spirituality


Ordained Deacon in The N.C. Annual Conference, June, 1979
Ordained Elder in The N.C. Annual Conference, June, 1982


Worked as a Summer Intern on the Chippewa Indian Reservation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 1977
Summer Intern Pastor at Prospect United Methodist Church, 1978
SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS: The Four Corners Native American Ministry, Shiprock, NM, and The Navajo United Methodist Mission School as Spiritual Life Director


Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, Clarkton United Methodist Church, Bluefield United Methodist Church, Grace United Methodist Church
Served as the Executive Director of The Native American International Caucus
Assistant to The N.C. Conference Cabinet for Native American Concerns
1996- 2001 Served as District Superintendent of the New Bern District, N.C. Conference
July 1, 2001 served as Sr. Pastor of St. Mark's UMC, Raleigh, NC
June 21, 2005 – June of 2008, Served as Sr. Pastor at Holland's UMC, Raleigh, NC
June 20 -2015, District Superintendent of Fayetteville/Gateway District of NC Conference
June 29, 2015 – Present, Senior Pastor of Prospect United Methodist Church


1989-1996 Elected to Cumberland County Association for Indian People
1995-1997 Elected to North Carolina Commission on Indian Affairs


Elected to the 1988 SeJ Conference
Elected to the 1992 General Conference
Elected to the 1996 General and Jurisdictional Conferences
1992-1996 Chairperson of SeJ Agency for Native American Ministries
1992-1996 Member of SeJ Administrative Council on Ministries
1996-2000 Chair of SeJANAM


1980, 1984, and 1988, Attended the General Conferences as an Observer for NAIC
1992, Served as the Secretary for Higher Education Legislative Committee
1996, Served on the General/Judicial Administration Legislative Committee and Chaired the Sub-Committee Responsible for Missional Emphasis, Special Days, and Mission Initiatives
2000, Vice-Chairperson of the General/Judicial Administration Legislative Committee
2003, Elected to the 2004 General Conference, Assigned to serve on Finance and Administration


1980-1988, Served Two Quadrenniums on the GCORR
1984-1988, Served as the Chairperson of The Annual Conference Review Committee on GCORR
1984-1988, Served on the Missional Priority Coordinating Committee of GCOM
1992-1996, Chairperson of the Native American Concerns Committee GCOM
1992-1996, Member of General Council on Ministries
Member of GCOM Executive Committee
Chairperson of Native American Concerns Committee of GCOM
1992-1996, Chairperson of the Native American Comprehensive Plan
1992-1996, Member of NUMNAC Board of Directors
Member of NUMNAC Executive Committee
1996-1997, Elected to Asbury Alumni Board of Directors
1996-2000, Member of GCOM
Served on the Concilliar Forum
Served on the Native Americans Concerns Support Group
Served on World Service Contingency Funding Support Group
Served on World Service Fund Allocation to the General Program Agencies Support Group
1996-2000, Native American Ministries
Chaired the Native American Comprehensive Plan
Chaired SeJANAM
Served on the Executive Committee for National United Methodist NA Center
Served on the Executive Committee of the Native American International Caucus
2000-2004 President of NUMNAC


Served as a Member of Religion and Race
Served as a Member of EMLC
Member of Church and Society
Vice-Chair of the Board of Missions
1993-1996, Member of the N.C. Annual Conference Native American Committee
Board of Missions, Commission on Congregational Development
Served as th Cabinet Rep. to The N.C. Annual Conference Bd of Ordained Ministry
Presently serving on the NC Annual Conference Bd. Of Ordained Ministry
Presently serving on the NC Congregational Development Foundation


1994-1996, Pembroke State University


"Creation: A Native American Perspective," Uncovering The Myths: Discover the Truth, Recover the Community, ed., Dr. Justo Gonzales (Nashville: BHEM, 1988), p. 65-73

"Called to Reconcile," The Interpreter, October 1991

Sermon: "The Fire That Burns Is Love," Abingdon Preacher's Annual, 1991, ed. Dr. John K. Bergland (Nashville: Abington Press, 1991), p. 291

"Thankful Day by Day," The Interpreter, November/December 2002


Golfing and fishing with Christopher, hunting with friends. Vacationing with Rose and Christopher at the Beach. I enjoy Basketball and Football. I enjoy participating in Volunteers and Missions work Teams


Christopher Jackson

Christopher JacksonBiography:

Mr. Christopher Jackson began January 1, 2012 as the full-time Minister of Music and Youth at Prospect United Methodist. Christopher is a 26 year old native of Fayetteville, NC. The son of Rev. Paul and Angie Jackson, he is no stranger to ministry, and has found joy in living out his calling to here at Prospect United Methodist.
Christopher is a graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, TN, having received a Bachelor of Music degree in Church Music with a Vocal Emphasis in May of 2011. October of the same year he married his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Walker. The daughter of a music minister herself, Jennifer is also a very talented singer and is an important part of the music ministry of Prospect UMC. In 2015 Christopher received a Master's of Worship Studies from The Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He believes in the power of worship actions to reveal God's Kingdom, and to orient hearts to live into that Kingdom, both today and in the life to come.




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